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payclick review

Here, I will focus on how PayClick can turn out to be a great source for making money for your website or blog. I have put together a detailed information on PayClick which will help you to know this ad platform in a better way.

Check out the full article to see how PayClick has a proven track record of performance!

PayClick Review:Publishers & Advertisers

 PayClick About
>> How to register with PayClick?
>> How PayClick Works?
>> PayClick Ad Formats
>> PayClick Payment
>> Minimum Payout Threshold
>> Conclusion

PayClick About

PayClick is a very well known premium Native Ads Network servicing publishers and advertisers since 2010.

High CTR = high income. Advanced technology of placing native ads perfectly corresponds to the interests of customers and makes it possible to achieve 5% CTR against 2.3% average in the market.

Here by advertiser’s cost I mean whatever the advertiser is paying to PayClick for ads, you get 50% of that.

How to register with PayClick

PayClick has an automatic approval process for those sites that meet their eligibility criteria. The publishers have to fill the sign-up form, and they instantly approve the application. The publishers get a PayClick account and an email as confirmation. You’ll have to submit a Website verification to verify the ownership of the site. PayClick usually accepts website with quality content and real traffic. It allows you to place as many ads as you want.

How PayClick Works?

Payclick analyze your article and finds that in what type of ads, readers can be interested instead of showing some random ads on random places.It’s good because it helps the publishers get the most out of their ad space.

A publisher’s site will display the most lucrative ads that they are able to get.The various filters make it easier to target audience for your campaigns.

It enables advertisers to easily start their campaign and reach out to the target audience. PayClick is one of such great services.

PayClick has over 120000 advertisers in 107 countries which let them provide their service to worldwide publishers.

PayClick is one of the best services for the advertisers as it helps them in quickly setting up the campaign for reaching to their targeted audience.

Overall, PayClick has proved that it is one of the best native advertising networks which is significantly helping a lot of publishers and advertisers to earn money.

PayClick Ad Formats

Since its a native ad network, so, it offers only native ads/content recommendation ads as its solution to publishers.PayClick serves responsive ads that can easily adapt to any screen size.So, it doesn’t look as ugly as the banner ads though there comes banners for native ads also.

PayClick Payment

  • Paypal
  • E-Payments
  • Wire Transfer
  • Payoneer
  • Webmoney

PayClick pays its publishers on weekly basis.

Minimum Payout Threshold

So we have multiple opportunities to cash out from PayClick. Majority of people are using PayPal and where PayPal is not operating you will see Payoneer is operating there. So get payment without worries.

But under PayClick you can cash your money as soon as you hit as low as $20!

PayClick is you can withdraw your money in after the limit of $20.


Even if you don’t consider other functionalities of PayClick, then also “Minimum threshold” and “No requirement of traffic” are the strong points which will tantalize you to give PayClick a shot.

There are various ways to monetize your site & the best method depends on the status of your site.

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PayClick Review : Premium Native Ad Network

Here, I will focus on how PayClick can turn out to be a great source for making money for your website or blog. I have put together a detailed information

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