Market Samurai Review: Keyword Research

Market Samurai which I don’t want to put in pure SEO software category.Most of the SEO software focuses on link building and on-page optimization suggestions but Market Samurai don’t exactly do this. Market Samurai is more searching and tracking software not website optimization or link building software.

As I write reviews of product which I own or I have used a lot and I am enjoying using Market Samurai because it’s easy to use and help me to track my blog pages ranking on search engine.

What is Market Samurai?

Market Samurai is software for your Mac or PC that streamlines all critical search engine marketing tasks, puts complete market intelligence at your finger-tips, takes away uncertainty, and gives you focus, direction and confidence in your internet marketing.

You don’t waste your time, money or energy in anything you do – you get the highest probability of success, in the shortest time, with minimal waste of effort.

It tells you:

  • What markets are worth targeting;
  • What markets are worth avoiding;
  • Which keywords you should focus on for fast results;
  • Which keywords should be avoided;
  • Which markets have weak competition;
  • Which markets show impossible levels of competition;
  • What are the chances of achieving front-page rankings for a keyword;
  • What topics you should write articles on for your website;
  • Where to find quality backlinks;
  • How many backlinks you need;
  • What quality backlinks you need;
  • How to determine the quality of a page for a backlink;
  • …and so much more!



The Features of Market Samurai

Rank Tracker: Market Samurai fills the bill in rank tracking in Google, Yahoo! and Bing. It checks rankings for each page for a number of keywords, compares the results with the previous check and draws a progress graph

Keyword Research: Keyword Research means digging up the most traffic-productive keywords and keyphrases with low competition and high search rates. It lets you be the first to find fruitful but yet unexplored oases in competition-exhausted world of search engine marketing.

SEO Competition Analysis: This tool helps to find competition for the given keyword. It shows top 10 results for that keyword which are already ranking on search engine. You will get data like how many backlinks that page has, what is the PR, do that keyword is on the title, description etc, is it easy or difficult to rank for that keyword (Shown in colors like green easy to compete) and many more data.

Domains: Once you have identified new keywords for your website, you can now use the Domains module to find a quality domain name. The module can suggest different variations of the keyword you can register as a domain name. You can even specify your own suffixes and prefixes or even choose Top Level Domains that you fancy the most.

Monetization : The Monetization module is designed to help you find products to promote that are related to your selected keywords. It searches the PayDotCom, Commission Junction, ClickBank, and Amazon affiliate marketplaces to find products that you can promote.

Find Content: f you are not especially interested in doing content creating yourself or you need some inspiration by looking at what’s already available, you can use this module to find quality stock content. It will search for content on a variety of platforms. You can also analyze those articles for their page rank, backlinks etc.

Publish Content: This tool can publish your article on the WordPress blog. The module simply provides text processing software similar to Microsoft Word but optimized towards WordPress, so that you never have to correct all the formatting issues that typically occur if you copy an article from Word and paste it to WordPress.

Promotion: The Promotion module searches for backlinking opportunities for your chosen keyword. It searches a variety of sources and generates a list of websites. You can analyze each website to find out whether it supports trackbacks/pingbacks or uses no-follow links.

How can you benefit from Market Samurai?

Till now I told what is Market Samurai and what tools come with it but the question is all these tools are useful or not.

Keyword Research Tool: It also gives you an idea of how profitable the keyword is by letting you know how much is spent on that particular keyword in Adwords for every click, giving the keyword an actual SEO value. This gives you an idea of whether or not people are willing to spend money when searching for that keyword.

You’d be surprised with the amount of long tail keywords you can find that are easy to rank with if you take the time to do the right kind of research even within a very competitive niche.

Rank Tracker:  It not only tells me where my main page ranks, but it also shows me all of the posts/pages on my blog that rank for that particular keyword phrase and where they rank. This helps me to keep focused on the main keywords I’m trying to target and lets me know what kind of work I need to do in order to increase those rankings to where I want them to be.

SEO Competition Analysis: What this does is takes the keyword you want to target and displays the top 10 results of that keyword on Google’s front page. It then provides you with another graph of metrics to help you establish how tough the competitor sites are fro that keyword.

Once again, this feature of the Market Samurai software is a massive time saver! It generates all this info for the top 10 sites on Google’s first page for your targeted keyword at the click of a button, and it takes around 30 seconds! To get all this important data manually for even one website would take at least half an hour!

Other Tools: There are a number of other useful features in the Market Samurai software.

Pricing: The fact that there are no monthly or yearly payments for the software is itself a plus, while the fair price of $149 is quite a bargain. That you can get Market Samurai for a discounted price of $97 is one of the reasons why you should consider signing up for a download.

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Verdict: Market Samurai’s interface is incredibly complicated to navigate and the abbreviations and terms used can blow your mind as a beginner. Due to its complexity, using the tool can be very frustrating.

As a keyword analysis tool, it is great. It does have its faults as mentioned, but there are very few tools out there that can do what Market Samurai can. And if you are serious about doing SEO correctly, then it is certainly worth the investment.


Market Samurai Review: Keyword Research

Market Samurai which I don’t want to put in pure SEO software category.Most of the SEO software focuses on link building and on-page optimization suggestio

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