Pay Per Sale (PPS) : Dijital advertising payment model in which payment is based solely on qualifying sales.

What is Pay Per Sale (PPS)?

Stands for “Pay Per Sale.”

Cost Per Sale marketing is an online marketing pricing system or arrangement where the company that owns the business only pays for those sales generated by the advertiser or marketing firm.

It is a variant of the CPA (cost per action) model.

When there is performance/action — you pay your affiliates.

Most commonly used method of payment in affiliate marketing.

When is a PPS model used?

With PPS Online advertising, you can get free online exposure for your business. There’s no monthly expenses or maintenance fees.

Pay Per Sale aligns the interests of both advertiser and publisher in seeking to reach larger audiences and sell more product.

However, some publishers, facing weak ad sales, have little choice but to accept sales-based agreements to utilize remnant space.

PPS requires little up front effort or costs but can bring in revenue for publishers, providing the possibility of a high return on investment.

To maximize revenue, many websites include both PPC and PPS ads.